KM0 EMOTIONAL CUISINE based on Aloe Vera and some of our officinal plants
An experience which involves all the senses at Naturalis Bio Resort & SPA: a culinary journey where you can rediscover our ancient Salentinian tradition through some masterpieces of taste, enriched with the creativity and the virtue of Aloe, with aromas and officinal plants of the Resort Naturalis.
Taking inspiration from the N&B Natural is Better concept “Pure food for your skin”, our Chef offers a sophisticated gourmet cuisine using our km0 products. In this way the food becomes a pure experience of wellbeing for your body and soul.

A fascinating journey among our local flavours and scents, where the cuisine becomes authentic expression of love and dedication for the Nature and the People, in line with the green concept of Naturalis Bio Resort and its vision of MAN and NATURE meeting each other.
Light lunches and delicious dinners accurately prepared by our Chef with his ability, originality and passion enhance flavours and beneficial effects of the products from our garden, carefully combined with a simple Mediterranean cuisine.
Our guests in Naturalis Bio Resort & SPA will be surrounded and pampered by an amazing emotional experience: a warm atmosphere with soft lights, background music, aloe, herbs and aromatic plants enhance the gastronomic experience… food is explained, wine described and your senses are inebriated by this harmony between taste & nature.
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