Tower of stars

Tower of Stars,
Authentic Luxury

Just like in fairy tales, the Naturalis village holds the magic of a unique and exclusive place where dreams come true. 

The ancient tower used in the past to store grain, carefully restored, is now the Tower of the Stars of Naturalis Bio Resort. Built on three floors, with an indoor underground swimming pool carved out of the rock and a panoramic view of the Naturalis fields, the tower for the exclusive use of the couple is the ideal setting for an intimate and romantic holiday. 

Natural Luxury

Comfort, elegance and a decidedly “natural” luxury denote the floors of the tower, where you can breathe a dreamlike and exclusive atmosphere: on the ground floor a charming entrance welcomes guests in an unexpected setting that overlooks the old stone staircase.

On the first floor there is a space that houses the bathroom and a large niche with a shower, enriched by a waterfall and mist for hydrotherapy, chromotherapy and a monobloc washbasin with chiselled taps, all design made in Italy by Gessi.
As in the ancient tales, the sleeping area on the top floor is an authentic and unique emotional experience. Starting from the large and comfortable round double bed, to the tower ceiling that turns into a starry sky embellished by a 17th century astronomical chart made by a local craftsman, with the constellations that light up and make the atmosphere even more magical.

Golden Silence

The magic is completed by the balcony with a panoramic view over the Naturalis Estate, an extraordinary combination of beauty and the almost “sacred” silence of the Salento countryside.

Waking up here and looking out from the balcony is absolutely magical: a breathtaking view of all the Resort’s plantations, where you can also glimpse the beauty of the Cistercian Monastery.
To experience intimacy in its maximum dimension of exclusive wellness, the Torre delle Stelle reserves an underground corner with a private Spa, the “Grotta Capelvenere”, which takes its name from an ancient variety of fern that grows in caves or underground rivers. The Maidenhair fern covers the entire wall of the cave and was carefully preserved during the renovation work.

Capelvenere Cave

In the cave, which dates back to the 16th century, supplies of oil and grain were stored to protect them from invasion and looting by the Turks.

The “Grotta Capelvenere” is now a Private SPA with a tepidarium with a natural water spring and heated floor, a thermal swimming pool with a refined stone design, with hydromassage and chromotherapy, and a sauna built inside a natural recess in the rock.